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3’ x 3’. (1 ½’ x 1 ½” in 5 years), dense. Buds deep red (60A) with some white and purplish-pink (58A) striping. Flower inside: irregularly white sides of each lobe, with deep purplish-pink (58A) central stripe extending from center of lobe to edge at end of lobes, roughly one-third the width of the lobe, and a deep red (60A) throat at base extending in the upper three lobes as side rays almost to the margins, irregularly centered within the above cited pink central stripe and forming a prominent rayed blotch; some deep red (60A) flecks irregularly positioned. Flower outside deep red (60A) with deep purplish-pink stripes from center of each lobe to edge; side of lobes white. Single with 5 wavy-edged lobes, broad funnel-shape, 2 per cluster, 2.75” x 1.38” long. Blooms early; April in Vienna, VA. Calyx strong yellow-green (144B), 0,4” long. Leaves semiglossy, moderate olive-green (146A) above. Leaf shape: elliptic, broadly acute apex, cuneate base, flat edges. 1.57” x 0.87” wide. Plant and bud hardy to +5°F.