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2’ tall x 2 ¾’ wide(3 ½’ x 4’ in 17 years), dense. Buds moderate reddish-purple (67B-C) with nearly white base. Flower inside dark reddish purple (67A) edges, more pronounce on the under set of petals, shading (67B-C) to white with a very pale reddish-purple wash, moderate reddish-purple (67C) botch on dorsal lobe. Flower outside mostly moderate reddish-purple (67C) with white along midribs. Hose-in-hose with 5+5 somewhat wavy-edged lobes, 3-3 ½” wide x 2” long, 3 per cluster. Pistil and stamens white. Blooms heavily, midseason (early May in Springfield, VA). Calyx absent. Leaves semiglossy, moderate green (141B-C). Leaf shape: elliptic, broadly acute apex, rounded base, upcurved edges, 2 ¼” long x 1 1/8” wide. Hardy to 0˚F, at least.