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Plant Database

The plant information on this website includes all those cultivars & species that are involved in the various plant sales of our chapter (Green Spring Gardens in May & Fall sale and auction in September).

Plants are listed alphabetically by cultivar. You may search for plants by:

  • Entering all or part of the name in the Cultivar field. If you precede the cultivar search criteria with %, it will search anywhere in the cultivar name. Without the %, the search string must be at the start of the cultivar name.
  • Selecting a particular plant group from the Group box.
  • Selecting a range of cultivar names, by first letter of the name from the Alphabet pick list.
  • Picking a Plant Type. Selecting Azalea will display both evergreen and deciduous azaleas; selecting Rhododendron will display both Elepidote and Lepidote rhododendron.
  • Any combination of the above (all conditions selected must be met).
  • Click the Find Plants button to start the search.
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