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The Azalea Society welcomes membership by anyone interested in azaleas, from all cultures and disciplines. We invite those who wish to learn, and those who know and wish to share their knowledge. As described on our About Us page, the major benefit of membership is association with like-minded gardeners, along with a quarterly 24-page color journal The Azalean, and attendance at annual conventions and chapter meetings.

Membership year

Membership is for a full calendar year starting on January 1st. Dues are not prorated; however, anyone joining after July 1st and before December 1st pays only ½ the annual rate for the remainder of the first year. If you join after December 1st, your membership will extend through the following year, and if the winter Azalean has not been mailed when you join, you will also receive that issue.

The below table for dues & donations provides for credit card payments using PayPal™. If you prefer to pay your dues by check, you may download the application form, fill it out, and mail it with your check payable to ASA in US dollars to:

Paul Beck, ASA Treasurer
2963 Fort Lee Street
Oak Hill VA 20171-1812

Notice: If you want to pay by credit card, but prefer not to use PayPal™ as described below, you may simply call the ASA Treasurer, Paul Beck, at (703) 860-5676, and he will take your credit card information over the phone.

NEW! Subscription option provides automatic membership renewal! Select Subscribe from the Action picklist, and when you are finished with the remaining selections, click the Subscribe PayPal™ button.

NEW! Update to membership rates, please read: Decreasing membership of the ASA over the last few years has put a squeeze on finances. To address some inequities in membership rates, at the 2016 annual Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in Williamsburg, VA, the following changes were approved:

  • The extra year membership, if joining after May 1st, has been eliminated. In addition, missed issues of The Azalean will no longer be mailed to the new member. Instead, those who join after July 1st will pay only ½ the annual membership rate.
  • Due to higher postage rates to Canada and Mexico, membership rate for those countries is raised to $45.00.
  • Due to significantly higher postage rates to Europe and other overseas locations, membership rate for those countries is raised to $60.00.
  • To lessen the impact for non-US members, the BOD approved an Azalean online only membership rate of $30.00. This rate provides all the benefits of membership, except no hardcopy Azalean will be mailed. Viewing The Azalean online requires that the member obtain a login to the Archives section of the ASA website.

To apply for membership (or renew an existing membership), and use your credit card or PayPal™ account, select the appropriate values in the table below, and click the "Add to Cart" button. After clicking the Add to Cart button, you will be transferred to the PayPal web site. If you are a PayPal member, checkout is easily accomplished by clicking the Checkout with PayPal button. If you are not a PayPal member, select the Check Out button at the bottom of the right hand side of the page. On the next page, select the "Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal credit" link at the bottom. You will need to provide your email, name and address, and phone number. This information is required to validate your credit card and is also forwarded to the ASA treasurer to validate/update your membership. You will not be spammed by PayPal by filling in this information.

The dues schedule is established by the Board of Directors of the Azalea Society of America. While dues may be changed at any time, Life memberships and annual dues paid in advance are honored even if the dues are increased.

Action This form may be used to Join the ASA for the first time, Renew your membership for one or more years, Donate to the general or research fund, or Subscribe so that you do not have to renew each year.
Select Donate if you only wish to donate; you may donate in conjunction with Join/Renew/Subscribe.
Location Domestic: US, CAN/MEX: Canada & Mexico; Overseas: All other locations; Online-Only: Non-US locations with The Azalean delivered only online (no paper copy)
Membership Level Note that Individual and Joint members may become Life members for a single payment of $600 (US), $900 (CDN/MEX) or $1,200 (overseas).
Type Individual for one person; • Joint for two persons living in the same household; or • Organization for a business or other organization.
Chapter Refer to the Chapter listing below for chapter geographic area.
Preferred Name 1 Enter the preferred name for the member.
Preferred Name 2 Enter the preferred name for the joint member, if this is a joint membership.
Phone Number To opt-out of publishing this information, .
You may join/renew for multiple years. Just change the 1-year quantity in your PayPal™ shopping cart before checking out.
Operating Fund
This is a donation to the Operating Fund to help support the ongoing operation of the ASA. Since the Azalea Society of America is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, any amount above the annual membership rate is a charitable contribution under section 170 of the US Internal Revenue Code. If you are joining/renewing for multiple years, you may update the quantity for the donation at checkout. Life membership payments are not tax-deductable.
Azalea Research Fund All donations to the Azalea Research Fund are 100% tax deductible and every penny of your donation will go to supporting research on azalea related issues, such as diseases, drought tolerance, etc.



We never sell or otherwise distribute your contact information outside of the Azalea Society. We publish your contact information in The Azalean journal, distributed only to our members. We will publish your contact information in a password-protected online roster available only to our members.

You may request that your address, telephone number, or your e-mail address is not to be published, and to use it only for official Azalea Society business such as membership renewal notices. In order to opt-out of publishing any of this information, .

Chapter affiliation

The dues amount includes both National membership and membership in one of our local chapters. Chapters typically meet four to eight times per year and are an excellent way to meet like-minded members and learn more about azaleas in your area. Indicate the name of the chapter you would like to join, which will put you on their mailing list for meeting notices and newletters. If you do not choose a chapter, we will list you as an At Large member.

ChapterGeographic Area Served
Ben MorrisonMaryland, Washington DC, Delaware
Cape FearEastern North and South Carolina
Central CarolinasCentral North and South Carolina
Lake MichiganMichigan, Indiana, Illinois
Northern VirginiaVirginia, Washington DC, Maryland
Rev. John DraytonSouth Carolina, primarily the Charleston area
Southern CaliforniaSouthern California, primarily the Los Angeles area
Tri-StateIndiana, Illinois, Kentucky
VaseyiWestern North and South Carolina, Tennessee
At LargeWorldwide (no newsletter or local meetings)

As a National member, you may also become an associate member of other chapters, for small additional fees (typically $5) determined by, and payable directly to, the chapters.