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Chapter Library

The Chapter library is maintained by David Nanney. If you would like to borrow one or more of the books listed below, please contact Dave ​ Enter the number (in red) of the book(s) you wish to borrow in the email body.

Compendium of Rhododendron and Azalea Diseases co‑edited by Duane L. Coyer and Martha M. Roane (01) Comprehensive disease and insect pest guide on azaleas. It includes many descriptive colors as well as black and white photographs and is written in clear, concise language.

Azaleas by Fred C. Galle (02a) Descriptions of all the azalea species and the over 6000 cultivars derived from them. Comprehensive chapters on breeders, growers, care, disease, and landscaping with azaleas. 366 color, 32 black and white photos. 486 pages. Timber Press, 1985.

Azaleas (Revised and Enlarged Edit.) by Fred C. Galle (02b) Descriptions of all the azalea species and the over 6000 cultivars derived from them. Comprehensive chapters on breeders, growers, care, disease, and landscaping with azaleas. 366 color, 32 black and white photos. 519 pages. Timber Press, 1987.

The Azalea Book by Frederic P. Lee (03) Descriptions of the azalea species and many cultivars. Definitive sections on culture, horticulture and historical background in addition to descriptive lists. An older excellent book.

The Glen Dale Azaleas by B.Y. Morrison (04) U.S.D.A. Agriculture Monograph No. 20. Description of the Glen Dale azalea project. Breeding and the cultivars developed. The definitive guide to the Glen Dale Group.

The Azalean The Journal of the Azalea Society of America, Inc. (05)

Loose leaf bound copy of all the current and past issues of the Journal.

Greer's Guidebook To Available Rhododendrons, Species and Hybrids by Harold E. Greer (06a+b) Definitive descriptions of rododendrons, including name, series, subseries, height, hardiness, flowering season and quality rating. Predominantly influenced by the Pacific North Coast conditions.

How To Identify Rhododendron and Azalea Problems (07) Color brochure with excellent photos and descriptions of common problems listing symptoms and cause. 28 pages. Wash. State Univ., 1984.

Pocket Satsuki Dictionary (A) (08) Color photos of Japanese Satsuki azaleas, 910 pages, all descriptions are written in Japanese. Cultivar names and page numbers in English.

New Satsuki Dictionary (B) (09) Color photos of Japanese Satsuki azaleas, 560 pages, all descriptions are written in Japanese. Cultivar names and page numbers in English.

Satsuki‑Living Guide Deluxe (C) (10) Color photos of Japanese Satsuki azaleas, 239 pages, all descriptions are written in Japanese. Cultivar names and page numbers in English.

Expert Opinion Satsuki Dictionary, Three Volume Set (D) (11 (a+b)) Color photos of Japanese Satsuki azaleas. Cultivar names, descriptions of flowers and leaves in Japanese. Pages numbered in English.

Satsuki Index (12) Alphabetical listing of Satsuki cultivars. Pages indexed to each of the Satsuki reference books.

Growing Azaleas Commercially edited by Anton M. Kofranek and Roy A. Larson (13) Written for the commercial grower. All the information is applicable to the amateur to some degree. Interesting inforrmation for those willing to plow through the technical data to find it. 108 pages. Univ. of Calf., 1975.

Rhododendrons And Azaleas by Judith Berrisford (15) Growing rhododendrons and azaleas from the English point of view. Interesting points on seed propagation and growing on alkaline soil. 288 pages. St. Martin's Press, 1964.

Rhododendrons And Azaleas by Mervyn Kessell (16) Mostly English/Scottish oriented. Some interesting points on propagation, pest and disease control. Sixty two specimen plants in full color. 176 pages. Blanford Press., 1981.

Rhododendrons And Azaleas For Your Garden by Christopher Fairweather (17) Consists mostly of excellent color photographs of English cultivars, including many deciduous. One chapter on camellias. 128 pages. Floraprint, Ltd., 1979.

Getting Started With Rhododendrons and Azaleas by J. Harold Clarke (18) Discusses history, cultivation, propagation, pest control, dieseases, landscaping, and suggested varieties. A few black and white photos. 268 pages. Doubleday and Co., 1960.

Great American Azaleas by Jim Darden (19a+b) 140 color photographs with over 300 varieties described in tabular listing. Azaleas discussed by color, flower form, blooming date, and hybrid groupings. 96 pages. Greenhouse Press, 1985.

Hybrids And Hybridizers edited by Philip A. Livingston and Franklin H. West (20) Information, ratings, and recommendations on 1400 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas. 108 color plates. Goals and objectives of local [ Eastern ] hybridizers. 256 pages. Harrowood Books, 1978.

All About Azaleas, Camellias And Rhododendrons Ortho Books. Editor's include Fred Galle (21) Complete descriptions of over 400 varieties. Special illustrated sections on planting and propagating. Instructions for pruning, watering and feeding. Endorsed by A.S.A.

Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias Sunset Book. etited by Philip Edinger (22a+b) Concise, clear, and well‑organized information on culture. 96 pages. Sunset Books, 1982.

Pest Management Guide Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (23) Introduction, regulations and basic information for the safe and effective use of agricultural pesticides in Virginia.

Summary of Registration Data For The Robin Hill Azaleas by Donald H. Voss (24) The official descriptions of the Robin Hill Azaleas, dated 12 May 1986. 19 pages.

The Smaller Rhododendrons by Peter A. Cox (25a b) Cultivation, classification, hybridization and propagation, plus lists of recommended hybrids and species.

Rhododendrons Of The World by David G. Leach (26) Classic work on rhododendrons. Information on propagation, identification, and cultivation of both species and hybrids. Numerous drawings and black and white photos. 545 pages. Halliday Lithograph Corp., 1961.

Rhododendron Hybrids: A Guide To Their Origins by Homer E. Salley and Harold Greer (27A) 600 color photographs. Over 4000 hybrids and selected species described. Thorough diagrams tracing hybrids back to their species parents. 391 pages. Timber Press, 1986.

Rhododendron Hybrids Second Edition by Homer E. Salley and Harold Greer (27B) 592 new color photographs. Over 5000 hybrids and selected species arranged by grex and cross-referenced by cultivar name. Thorough diagrams tracing hybrids through one or more generations back to their species parents. 344 pages. Timber Press, 1992.

A Brocade Pillow‑Azaleas Of Old Japan by Ito Ihei (28) The first azalea book. 154 woodblock prints, many added color photos. This book is the first to standardize cultivars and create terminology to describe flower color, pattern, size, and shape.

Southern Living Azaleas by Fred C. Galle (29) Landscaping with azaleas, culture, companion plants, propagation, disease and pests, rhododendrons, and a list of azalea gardens in America. 96 pages. Oxmoor House, Inc., 1974.

Shrubs by Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix (30) Comprehensive guide to more than 1900 shrubs, in full‑color. The plants are arranged according to their flowering season, from winter through autumn, and the authoritative text describes each plant's origin, important characteristics and the growing conditions that suit it. Also includes a list of gardens open to the public and a guide to nurseries. 287 pages. Randum House, Inc., 1989.

R.H.S. Colour Chart by The Royal Horticultural Society (31) Since its first publication in 1966, the RHS chart has been used as a standard reference for flower colour in specialist organizations. The samples for the reprint were matched with an original chart, by a team which included representatives from the Flower Council of Holland, the RHS, and UPOV. Matching was done under a standard source of artificial daylight and special efforts were made to avoid colour differences in varying light conditions.

Azaleas in Kurume (32) This copy of the 1989 Monograph of Kurume Azaleas is the product of the Kurume Azalea Festival held in Kurume in 1989. Although mostly in Japanese, there are English summaries of every section and the color plates of several hundred Kurume and other azaleas have the English transliterations. 265 pages. Ashi Shobou Company, 1989.

Rhododendron Portraits (33) D.M. van Gelderen and J.R.P. van Hoey Smith. Illustrated with over 1144 color photographs including notes on distribution, botanical characteristics, and species, this is the most lavish and comprehensive photographic survey of the elepidote rhododendrons yet published. The introduction provides an overview of the genus, including the history or Rhododendron classification and hybridizing. 424 pages. Timber Press, 1992.

Kalmia The Laurel Book II (34) Richard A. Jaynes. Based on the earlier book it encorporates all of the information on the laurel's history, botany, taxcnomy, genetics, culture, and propagation. A wealth of new information is provided on new hybrids and cultivars, current propagation techniques, including tissue culture. 220 pages. Timber Press, 1988.

Success with Rhododendrons and Azaleas (35) H. Edward Reiley 285 pages. It is the perfect book for beginning gardening. The practical hand-on approach, along with detailed information covering site selection, soil requirements, plant selection, design use in the landscape, planting and care, and diseases. For experienced rhododendron growers, this volume offers information on new techniques in propagation and cultural practices, as well as material on nursery growing, hybridizing, and flower show competition. More than 80 full-color photographs. Timber Press, 1992.

The Bell Book (36) B.Y. Morrison. 71 pages. A unique reference for the serious student or anyone interested in learning more about the Gelnn Dale hybrid azaleas. As a companion book to the Agricultural Monogram No. 20, The Glenn Dale Azaleas by B.Y. Morrison, October 1953, it provides an index of cultivar names, plant introduction (PI) number, Bell number, and seed lot and sisterhood tables for the Glen Dale hybrid azaleas.

The Rhododendron Species vol IV (37) Davidian. 1995

Small Satsuki book (39) 1997

Taylor’s Encyclopedia of Gardening 4th edition (40) Norman Taylor. 1961

American Azaleas (41) Clarence Towe

Floral Treasures of Japan – The Satsuki Azaleas (42) Alexander Kennedy. 1997